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Establish a revolutionary Data exchange that enables data exchange to be as smooth as the stock market with blockchain verification mechanism.


Data online exchange

The most precious resource in the world is no longer oil, but data. It is estimated that the value of the EU data economy alone will be close to 300 billion euros in 2016 and is expected to more than double by 2020 to reach 739 billion euros. In terms of global impact, calculating high-volume data can help increase global economic value by at least $3-5 trillion. In order to unlock the full potential of the data economy, ArgsData is determined to create the infrastructure and incentives needed for data owners and collectors – a data exchange that combines blockchain verification mechanisms.

Customized Deep Learning Model

To join the digital revolution of the next generation: intelligence, complexity, and innovation is what you need. And complex machine learning models are needed, and these models for your industry are hard to find. Argsdata connects you to data scientists who know how to build the models they need. Accelerate your industry to the next generation based on your data and industry to build a 100% machine learning model that meets your needs.

Highly customized data visualization system

Argsdata helps you build a unique data visualization analysis platform

Benefits of data visualization systems

Dig deep information hidden in the data through rich interactive dashboard. Quickly link marketing and data analysis and immediately deploy business intelligence to your company.

Highly customized

KPIs and key metrics are different in each area, and Argsdata's cross-domain experience helps your company quickly make decisions using an interactive data visualization system.

Chume(AIoT Platform)

Chume is an IoT platform that combines mobile phones with handmade drinks stores' POS machine. Now with ArgsData's data visualization system, Chume can use the collection of more than 190,000 consumer records over five years to help handmade drinks stores' better understand their market.combined with our customized Deep Learning recommendation system, chume is now a successful AIOT platform.

Facebook Page(Ecommerice)

ArgsData can handle not only big data, but also microdata. Different with big data having microdata allows you to get a head start on demographics and leads queries. Microdata can help you understand your audience more fully in the e-commerce area. In turn, improve your ability to make and manage your immediate decisions. With our help, we have succeeded in increasing the effectiveness of a jewelry store by more than 350%.

Finance report robot(Deep Learning Model)

ArgsData collects the quarterly financial reports of all the companies in Taiwan and the company's operating status. By using deep learning to establish a financial report and predict the company's real financial situation based on the financial report content, helping other financial organizations and banking units better understanding the customer risk and make their move wisely.

Data Exchange

The ArgsData data service means you don't have to hire additional internal resources or generate any maintenance costs. We also allow you to specify exactly the data you need so you don't have to do data cleaning. Our service will also perform post-processing and quality checks for you - reducing the burden on the internal analysis team.

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