See the full picture across your market and customers on social media.

ArgsData reveals the key inside the data

ArgsData leverages the power of artificial intelligence to create the world's most detailed maps of social media landscapes. We pioneer new analytical methods and tools to help our partners navigate complex online networks.

User Behavior Data

ArgsData uses user activity data, in this case KOL and competitor descriptions of all the fanpage in the social media, and then compiles and organizes it for analysis. Each dot or node represents a single brand or users. By understanding graph data, you can align your strategy with investment and marketing trends in the social media.

Make Sense Of The Data

In this analysis, the data has been organized into different groups. Each colored cluster represents a specific persona that the users within it share. This allows you to see how the whole ecosystem of fanpage in any category connect with one another.

Find what you're looking for.

You can curate, filter, and aggregate nodes in a more customized way-highlighting what is most relevant to the question you need answered. In this instance, ArgsData has selected all of the nodes that share a common persona.

Analyze the Data

By zooming into the network, ArgsData can identify white space opportunities and uncover unique KOL based on the different digital marketing area.